Paint and delivery Options

Customize your playhouse:

You can choose to customize your playhouse by adding some colors. Painted at the factory by our qualified painter, you can be assure your playhouse will be a hit right out of the box. Thousands of colors to choose from. Pick one color for the walls and an other one for the trims. Visit  to make your selection.

You can choose to match your house colors or let your imagination decide which color your Little Alexandra Cottage will be. Just let us know the color codes and we will have the same shade made here. This option can be selected while ordering the playhouse in the finish tab.

The price for that option is between $250  and $350 depending on the model. Please allow 3-4 weeks for production of any painted playhouse.


Nice playhouse painted

We chose to use Behr paint from the Home Depot because  it’s a very good quality product. We apply 2 coats on all the pieces and walls for a maximum protection.

Residential delivery

We offer Free Delivery on all our playhouses to your nearest trucking depot. There’s usually one in all major cities in the USA. The workers at the depot will load the crate in your truck or trailer using their forklift. With the tracking number, that we will provide, you will be able to follow your shipment. The playhouse will weigh between 500 and 900 lbs depending on the model. A standard pick up truck or a utility trailer will be needed in order to transport your playhouse.

If you prefer, We can arrange the delivery directly to your house. Our White Glove Delivery service will take care of all the details. We use a network of carriers to deliver our playhouses. Their driver will bring the new playhouse to your residence and will unload it using a power tailgate. He will leave it in a secure place like the driveway or the garage. This service is an additional $100 and The White Glove Service can be selected on the shipping tab while ordering.

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